Management Structure



We have a formal three-tier structure of the organization’s management. Board of Directors selects High level management, and makes high level decisions, while Functional Managers run the day to day activities of the business.


The Board of Directors has a closer involvement in the management of the business. Directors are voted in by Shareholders and hold an annual meeting once they are voted in. Directors carry out the vision of the Corporation by electing the Managing Director, setting operation policies, expanding the business and authorizing financial decision



The Future Stores sells “Consumer Electronics”, from advanced information processing products, including microelectronics technology, software’s, networking systems, and information technology-related services. Notebooks and desktop computers (and related supplies), video game consoles and gaming PCs, books and magazines, office furniture and supplies, and telecommunication equipment. The Future Store also provides educational, repair, maintenance, and mail order services for computers and related items. Additionally, Future Store offers technology change management services that automate and manage the deployment and redeployment of equipment, as well as remarketing and recycling services

Future Store operates its business through several subsidiaries. Direct E-Learning Services, which is a specialist in Education Technology Services.

The company boasts e-commerce site Future Store Online.


Sales and Marketing

Future Stores advertises and sells its products from its stores, catalog, and online site. Its stores cater to tech enthusiasts where front where customers can speak with engineers. The chain distinguishes itself from its big-box competitors by stocking a wider assortment of products and employing a knowledgeable sales force.

We offer customers honest and accurate information, responsible marketing, to inspire and build trust in our brand. We prevent inappropriate marketing of products, services and initiatives, which might be misleading, false or untrue. We target marketing effort to individuals and organizations that have expressed an interests in our products We approach sales and marketing in an ethical manner and aiming to exceed our clients’ expectations. We are committed to build long term relationships with clients, distributors and agents We set prices, based on corporate policy, reflecting the investment in research, development, personnel and engineering, not the customers’ need for the product. We comply with all relevant sales licenses and laws

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