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Admiral Tait School

1 / 4

Direct Elearning are amazing and very prompt. Their staff are good and they know what they’re doing within good time so you don’t have to be held up with your work. We have our staff and children get on with their engineers, Great Software’s, Great Student and Teacher Devices. We love their training sessions, they are patient with all of us.

Mrs. Makuku Head ICT Department


Knights Junior School

2 / 4

Their service is good, It is so comforting to know that computer support is available to us when we need it. The team are always helpful, informative and ensure any ICT issues are dealt with quickly. This imperative in a school environment in Zimbabwe and other Countries.

Mrs. Tsikwa Director


SOS hermann Gmeiner

3 / 4

Fantastic training , providing really insightful and practical ways to embed ICT across the curriculum, at all costs we have realized a simpler way of integrating ICTs into Education. Definitely recommend this to all teacher. Absolutely Brilliant! Cheers.

P. Musarira School Head


Kirkman Primary Schools

4 / 4

As an ICT Teacher I feel very well supported by the Inspire team at my school. The technician linked to our school is friendly yet professional in his role. He deals efficiently with any technical issues that arise which in turn allows me to focus on the ICT curriculum for teaching and learning. He also offers advice on current ICT software and hardware that may be useful and appropriate for the school. I find that the Direct Elearning technicians are extremely knowledgeable and skilled in all areas of ICT and I am impressed with the service they provide

Mr. Ganyiwa Director